Natural Home Remedies For Diabetes

Diabetes, a chronic condition characterized by high blood sugar levels, requires consistent management to prevent complications. Alongside medical treatments, certain natural remedies can help complement your diabetes management plan. Here are some effective home remedies to consider

Whatever we eat, our digestive system makes glucose and sends it to the blood. To make it reach the cells of our body, a hormone called insulin is required. When our body is not able to produce insulin, then glucose builds up in the blood but cannot enter the cells. This is called diabetes.

 Type 1 diabetes:

In this the beta cells of the pancreas are completely destroyed and in this way it is not possible to make insulin in the body. Beta cells are completely destroyed in childhood due to genetic reasons, auto immunity and some kind of viral infection. This disease is mainly found in the age of less than 12 to 25 years. In India, it is very rare that only 1% to 2% of cases are found in Type-1 patients. In Europe, especially in Sweden and Finland, type-1 diabetes is found in a lot of people. Insulin injections are compulsorily given to such patients.

Whatever we eat, our digestive system makes glucose and sends it to the blood. To make it reach the cells of our body, a hormone called insulin is required. When our body is not able to produce insulin, then glucose builds up in the blood but cannot enter the cells. This is called diabetes.

 Type  2 diabetes:

Type-2 diabetes is found in most of the 98% of diabetic patients in India. In such patients, beta cells make some insulin. but it made a little too much insulin

Brief history and cultural significance of sugar

Sugar has a rich and fascinating history that spans thousands of years, leaving a lasting impact on cultures around the world. The story of sugar begins in ancient times and has since evolved to become an integral part of our modern diet and society.

The origins of sugar can be traced back to ancient India, where the sugarcane plant was first cultivated around 8,000 BCE. The Indians discovered the sweet juice within the sugarcane stalks and began extracting it to use as a sweetener. They called this sweet substance “sharkara,” which eventually evolved into the Sanskrit word “sarkara” and later the Arabic word “sukkar.”

From India, the cultivation and knowledge of sugar spread to various parts of the world. Arab traders brought sugarcane to the Middle East, where its cultivation thrived due to the favorable climate. The Arabs developed advanced techniques for refining sugar and introduced it to Europe during the medieval period. Sugar quickly gained popularity among the European elite, but its production remained limited to the privileged few due to its high cost and rarity.

The expansion of European colonial powers in the 15th and 16th centuries played a significant role in the history of sugar. European explorers, particularly the Portuguese and the Spanish, established sugarcane plantations in their colonies in the Caribbean, South America, and Africa. These plantations relied heavily on enslaved labor, leading to the tragic era of the transatlantic slave trade.

The production of sugar on a large scale transformed the world’s economy. It became a valuable commodity and a driver of colonization, as nations competed for control over sugar-producing regions. The demand for sugar soared, not only for its use as a sweetener but also for its role in the production of rum and the preservation of food.

The cultural significance of sugar cannot be overstated. In many cultures, sugar became associated with wealth, luxury, and social status. Elaborate sugar sculptures and decorations adorned grand feasts and celebrations. Sugar also played a crucial role in the development of various culinary traditions, including desserts, pastries, and confectionery.

However, the widespread availability and consumption of sugar came at a cost. The excessive intake of sugar has been linked to various health issues, including obesity, diabetes, and dental problems. In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the negative effects of sugar on health, leading to increased interest in sugar substitutes and healthier alternatives.

Today, sugar remains a prevalent ingredient in our diets, and its production continues to be a significant industry. However, there is an ongoing conversation about the need for moderation and informed choices when it comes to sugar consumption.


Diabetes causes:

The whole world is under the grip of diabetes today. After the age of 40-45, more than 20 percent people are in its grip, now youth and children are also falling prey to sugar disease. Sugar is a condition in which there is less insulin in the body or there is insulin in the body but it is not able to make sugar properly. This increases the amount of glucose in the blood due to lack of insulin.

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Diabetes is more due to the following reasons

1. If someone in your family has diabetes (madhumeh) in the past, then your chances of getting this disease increase.

2. Obesity is a major cause of diabetes, obese people become victims of diabetes quickly.

3. Excess of cholesterol in the body or abnormal blood pressure also increases the risk of diabetes.

4. Excessive physical labor, fatigue, mental fatigue, and stress can contribute to the development of diabetes in individuals. These factors can have a significant impact on the body’s overall well-being and increase the risk of developing diabetes or exacerbating existing conditions.

Engaging in physically demanding work for extended periods can lead to fatigue and exhaustion. When the body is overworked, it can disrupt the normal functioning of various systems, including the regulation of blood sugar levels. Prolonged physical labor without adequate rest and recovery can impair insulin sensitivity, making it more difficult for the body to effectively utilize glucose and maintain stable blood sugar levels. This can potentially result in the onset of diabetes.

5. Eating more sweets can also cause diabetes.

6. People who regularly eat outside food are three times more likely to develop diabetes.

7. For a healthy body, at least 5 liters of water must be drunk. Drinking less water also increases the chances of getting diabetes.

8. Eating untimely, eating junk food, stale food or eating food kept in the fridge for a long time, people become victims of diabetes quickly.

Ways to reduce sugar:

Measures for reducing sugar means that sugar is the cause of many diseases, which gradually makes the whole body hollow.   Due to diabetes, not only do many diseases go home in the body, but the body’s immunity and work capacity also decreases, but by following some measures, not only sugar can be controlled, but also get rid of sugar.  Here we are telling the home remedies for sugar which will surely prove to be beneficial.

  1. Wheat plants have curative properties. Extracting juice from small wheat plants and consuming it daily also keeps sugar under control.
  2. Diabetes / Sugar patients are advised to take little less hunger and light food. In such a situation, hunger should be satisfied by eating cucumber after squeezing lemon.
  3. sugar. The use of turnip also reduces the amount of sugar present in the blood. In addition to this, diabetic patients should also use water melon, gourd, parwal, spinach, papaya etc.
  4. Take on stomach with water and don’t eat anything else for at least half an hour after consumption, sugar becomes normal even with its regular intake.
  5. In the new research of scientists, ginger has proved to be very effective in the disease of sugar. According to a research done in Australia, ginger juice completely controls the level of sugar in the blood. Ginger juice on an empty stomach daily is very beneficial even in chronic diabetes in which the body parts have also been affected.
  6. Soya flour, Tortilla ( roti ) should be eaten in the treatment of sugar. Starch and carbohydrates are very less in soyabean and these things are harmful in sugar (sugar), therefore, by grinding soyabean and mixing it with flour, diabetes remains under control.
  7. A person suffering from Diabetes / Sugar must include Aloe Vera juice in his diet. Various types of vitamins, minerals, minerals present in Aloe Vera work at the cell level of the body, which controls the amount of sugar in the body and also keeps the person fit and healthy.
  8. Consumption of linseed is suitable for a person suffering from diabetes / sugar. Grind linseed in a mixie and mix it in flour and eat its . Tortilla Due to this, there is strength in the body for a long time.
  9. Consume guava daily in diabetes / sugar. It should be cut into fine pieces and eaten by sprinkling rock / black salt and black pepper on it, it gives a lot of relief in sugar.
  10. To control Diabetes / Sugar, sleep with your head towards the south, keep at least 100 grams of whole alum piece in your bedroom. This helps in controlling sugar.

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Symptoms of Diabetes:

Diabetes has been considered the father of all diseases. After having diabetes, many diseases surround the body easily. After the age of 35, sugar must be checked regularly. By the way, there are many such initial symptoms which indicate diabetes. Therefore, as soon as these symptoms appear on the body, one should be careful, take care of one’s food and drink and consult a skilled doctor soon…

  1. Frequent urination.
  2. Excessive thirst.
  3. Dry throat even after drinking a lot of water.
  4. Feeling very hungry even after eating food.
  5. Nausea and sometimes vomiting.
  6. Stiffness in hands and feet and tingling in the body.
  7. Dryness in the skin.
  8. Irritability.
  9. Headache.
  10. Decreased body temperature.
  11. Muscle pain.
  12. Loss of weight.

If we take a little care, improve our lifestyle and eating habits, then we can definitely win over it.


Treatment of Sugar


we are going to tell you how harmful sugar can be for us, which has become our daily need. By the way, sugar is very important for our body and it has many benefits, like sugar is a boon for people with low blood pressure, it is very important to get rid of depression or to get rid of hunger. But we know that excessive use of anything is always harmful, same is with sugar, sugar contributes a lot in increasing sugar (diabetes). People who have high sugar should give up sugar completely. In our daily work, whether it is working on the computer in the office, or any other work in the office, or any other work, tea is taking a huge place in our life, which is very harmful for us. If there is fatigue then tea, if there is depression then tea, if there is a meeting then tea which brings too much sugar in our body, if we want to reduce sugar or never have sugar then tea should not be more than necessary.

1.Eat less potatoes:

potato for diabetesIf you are a patient of sugar and want the sugar to be reduced or eliminated completely, then remove potatoes from your diet. Potato increases the sugar in our body very quickly. Potatoes contain carbohydrate which is essential for the body, even if you are normal then we should eat less potatoes. Potato contains vitamin C, B complex and iron, calcium, manganese, phosphorus elements and potato is also called the king of vegetables, be it any vegetable, mix potatoes and the vegetable is ready, this is the reason potato is very useful in our life, but who sings to you

2. Stop eating rice:

Rice is very harmful in sugar, if you want to make sugar normal, then stop rice completely, and see how quickly it makes a difference on your sugar level. Rice is eaten a lot in South India and is considered the main diet there, rice is also called Bhaat. Despite being tasty, sugar is very harmful for the patient and sugar increases. Rice or anything made of rice can harm you, so stop rice and you will see its effect

3. Eat less lube (oil) :

Lube means oil which is not only dangerous for a sugar patient, but for every common man, excess oil can spoil the physical balance. That’s why a sugar patient should eat very little, especially ghee. Nowadays, most of the things available outside in the market, all have oil content, so by curbing these things available outside, we can reduce the level of sugar present in our body. Some people have a habit of eating a lot of ghee in food, so if possible, reduce ghee a little from your food. Butter is very useful for the body, but if we eat it more than necessary, then it can harm us, so if you are a sugar patient, then I think you should stop the ghee. Which will contribute a lot in reducing your sugar level.

4. Start jogging in the morning

exercise for diabetes

By the way, there are some special exercises to end every disease, but every person is not able to sit comfortably and exercise due to busy routine, so in this topic we are telling you how beneficial morning walk is in normalizing sugar. Is. There are many benefits of walking in the morning, such as – If you walk in the morning, your bones will be strong , If you walk in the morning, it also contributes a lot to reducing your weight , Stress will reduce , Sugar normalizes. Walking in the morning gives many benefits and also it normalizes sugar very quickly. Now the question is at what time to walk in the morning – according to your daily routine, you can go for a walk before sunrise. The most important thing is that you have to walk only as much as your body is capable of, if you try to walk more than your capacity, then your body will get tired quickly. That’s why it is necessary to use your potential properly.

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Beneficial in Sugar:

1. Uses of bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is a boon for sugar patients. If you have sugar, then you have to make a deep connection with bitter gourd because it is the only thing which has the ability to normalize sugar. We can use bitter gourd in different ways which we are going to tell you in this topic.

  •  Bitter gourd vegetable

bitter for diabetes

There should be one vegetable in your food daily, that is bitter gourd vegetable. Bitter gourd vegetable is very beneficial for the sugar patient. Some people roast the bitter gourd completely while making curry, but this should not be done, after roasting the bitter gourd completely, the bitterness present in it ends completely, after which there is no benefit of eating bitter gourd vegetable, it can be eaten only for taste. Has been The bitterness present in bitter gourd is the reason which normalizes the sugar. So now if you want to make bitter gourd vegetable to normalize sugar, then definitely remember this thing.

  • Bitter gourd juice

Bitter gourd juice after morning walk is very beneficial for your health, especially for sugar patients. Drink bitter gourd juice in your daily routine until the sugar comes under control. You can control sugar with bitter gourd juice. 3) Bitter gourd powder – By drying bitter gourd and making its powder, you can control sugar by taking it on an empty stomach. Bitter gourd powder also makes sugar work very fast.

Surefire method – Crush the bitter gourd or grind it in a mixer, take out its juice and keep it in a big vessel and ask the patient to put both the feet in it and the feet should be run by the patient for about 15 – 20 minutes or until the patient’s tongue Do not bring bitterness in me. When there is bitterness in the tongue of the patient, then the feet should be removed and this sequence should be done for 20 days to 1.5 months, amazing results will be obtained.

2.Use Jamun

jamun fruit

Jamun may be a simple fruit but it has the power that can normalize sugar to a great extent. Jamun has been considered very beneficial for a person with sugar. We can also use Jamun in many ways, many people believe that by drinking Jamun vinegar, the patient of sugar will get benefit very quickly and the level of sugar will also be normal. Its seeds are also very beneficial. Wash the jamun seeds and then dry them, after drying, grind them. After that taking it every morning on an empty stomach with plain water will show miraculous results. It is also believed that one should not drink milk for 15 minutes before and after eating Jamun. You can also make another use of jamun, finely grind four green soft leaves of jamun and rub it in 70 ml water and filter it, after that, drink it continuously for 10 days in the morning (not more than that) then after two months you can use it again. Is. This will make your sugar normal.

  3.Fig leaves


Fig leaves image

Fig leaves also have a big contribution in normalizing sugar. With the help of this also you can normalize the level of sugar to some extent. In this topic, we are going to tell you how to use fig leaves. First of all, take seven to eight leaves of figs, after that keep these leaves boiling on a low flame, after five to six minutes take out all the leaves, after that drink the remaining lukewarm water, it will help a lot in normalizing your sugar. You can eat fig leaves by chewing them like this, this will also prove to be very beneficial.


4. Use of bottle gourd

Bottle gourd in any form is very useful for sugar patients. You can use gourd in different ways-

Bottle gourd juice:

Bottle gourd juice should be taken by the patient of sugar, due to which it normalizes the level of sugar, but remember one more thing, if this juice is taken on an empty stomach, it will be very beneficial. (2) Gourd vegetable – Gourd vegetable must be eaten by a sugar patient. But the method of cooking is very important in this, there should not be much oil and spices in the vegetable, if possible, green chilies should be used instead of red chilies. (3) Gourd Raita – If you take gourd raita with food, then it will also be very beneficial for you, it controls the level of sugar.

5. Use of Garlic

garlic for diabetes

Garlic also controls the sugar level. Garlic should be chewed early in the morning on an empty stomach with lukewarm water.

Sugar control is also achieved by making juice of tomato, cucumber, bitter gourd and five flowers of evergreen or five-six neem(margosa) leaves. Soak black gram in milk at night, then consuming those soaked gram as soon as you wake up in the morning, sugar works. Mixing turmeric in aloe vera juice and drinking it is very beneficial.


6. Use of banyan

The bark of banyan tree has also been considered useful for sugar patients. Take 20 to 25 grams of the bark of the banyan tree, grind it, add half a liter of water to it and boil it and make a decoction, when a quarter of the water is left, take it off and filter it, then give it to the patient after it cools down. Sugar starts to become normal by consuming it daily for eight to ten days. And if you consume it in the morning and evening, it will be more beneficial.

7. Use of Amla

amla fruit for diabetes

You can use Amla in many ways, it controls sugar. Take Amla juice or Amla powder should be taken empty stomach with plain water. Sugar patient will get a lot of relief by eating gooseberry jam or gooseberry pickle.

8. Reduce sugar with fenugreek seeds

Soak fenugreek seeds in a cup of water at night, drink that water as soon as morning and take out all fenugreek seeds from that water and eat it, sugar starts to become normal. You can also take fenugreek seeds by making vegetable, powder or chutney. By using it daily, sugar becomes normal very quickly.

9. Reduce sugar with mango leaves

Chewing mango leaves or eating its powder helps a lot in sugar control. This powder should be taken on an empty stomach and if possible, sugar can be controlled by taking it twice a day.


Ayurvedic treatment:


1. Black Jamun: It helps in reducing blood-sugar and keeps the body away from heart related diseases.

2. Tomato– Tomato is very beneficial for a diabetic patient. Sugar in the urine gradually decreases. It is also useful in gonorrhea.

3. Carrot– Mixing 310 grams of carrot juice, 185 grams of spinach juice and adding salt and cumin seeds to it is beneficial in diabetes.

4. Diabetic patients should eat berries regularly. Taking half spoon powder of jambule seeds with water in the evening cures diabetes.

5. Eating radish twice a day or drinking radish juice is beneficial in diabetes. Grind 60 grams of fenugreek seeds finely and soak it in a glass of water. Filter it after 12 hours and drink it. In this way diabetes is cured by drinking twice daily for 6 weeks in the     morning and evening. Along with this eat green fenugreek leaves and vegetables.

6. Acacia gum powder should be taken thrice daily with 3 grams of water or with cow milk. This is a beneficial simple experiment for diabetes.

7. Uproot the tender leaves of acacia and grind them on a cob with water. Also add 4.5 black pepper and filter and drink. Even this is possible to benefit in diabetes. Drink both morning and evening.

8. Sycamore leaves are beneficial in diabetes. They should be gulped and drunk with water like thandai on the cob. If there is no complaint of constipation or indigestion, then this yoga can be beneficial. Eating 10 ripe fig fruits plucked from the tree and fresh is also beneficial.

9. Diabetic patients are advised to take little less than hunger and take light food. In such a situation, hunger should be satisfied by eating cucumber after squeezing lemon.

10. Neem: Neem leaves, which are found in abundance in the country, are bitter in taste but they have many specialties. Neem improves insulin receptor sensitivity as well as improves blood flow in veins and arteries and prevents dependence on hypoglycemic drugs. Tip: For better results, take the juice of neem leaves every morning on an empty stomach.

11. Turnip is also very important in the treatment of diabetes. The use of turnip also reduces the amount of sugar present in the blood. In addition to this, diabetic patient should also use water melon, gourd, parwal, spinach, papaya etc.

12. Grind 6 bel patras, 6 neem leaves, 6 tulsi leaves, 6 green leaves of bergenia, 3 whole black peppercorns on an empty stomach and take it with water and do not eat anything else for at least half an hour after consumption. Sugar becomes normal even with regular intake

13. Coconut oil – Coconut oil is very beneficial for the patients of Bitis. Coconut oil contains some special and rare fat molecules that feed your cells without the help of insulin.

14.  Amla: Due to the abundant amount of Vitamin ‘C’, Amla is considered very useful for diabetic patients. If a diabetic patient keeps drinking juice of amla and bitter gourd daily, then insulin in his body and sugar in the blood will also be supplied by this. Diabetic patients take one spoon daily by making powder of Amla, Jamun kernels and bitter gourd, it is very beneficial.

15. Mango: If diabetes is in the initial stage, drink the juice of soft mango leaves or make a decoction of them in the morning. Due to this the disease will not progress further and will not take a serious form. After drying mango leaves and making powder from them, taking one spoon of powder with water twice a day is definitely beneficial. Mixing equal quantity of mango and jamun juice and drinking it is very beneficial in diabetes. Make a powder of mango kernels and take three grams with water 3-4 times a day.




 Q.   Why sugar is not good for health?

  • Empty calories: because sugar only contains calories, not nutrients , vitamins, proteins and minerals.
  • Weight gain : Eating  sugar increases weight,Sugar is harmful for those who want to lose weight
  • Diabetics should not consume sugar , sugar is harmful for them and can lead to heart attack

Q.  how to reduce sugar level home remedies food?

1. Indian Gooseberry (Amla): Amla is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and may help control blood sugar levels. You can consume it as a juice or eat it raw.

2. Fiber-rich Foods: Foods high in fiber, like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, can help slow down the absorption of sugar and stabilize blood sugar levels.

3. Bitter Herbs: Certain herbs like neem and holy basil (tulsi) have shown potential in reducing blood sugar levels. You can consume them as herbal teas or supplements.

4. Green Tea: Green tea contains compounds that may improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels.

5. Stay Hydrated: Drinking plenty of water helps in flushing out excess sugar through urine and keeps your body hydrated.

6. Avoid Sugary Foods: Reduce your intake of sugary foods, beverages, and processed snacks, as they can cause rapid spikes in blood sugar levels.

7. Regular Exercise: Engaging in physical activity can help improve insulin sensitivity and manage blood sugar levels. to lower blood sugar quickly emergency at home?

Drink Water: Staying hydrated can help flush out excess sugar through urine. Drink plenty of water, but avoid sugary beverages or fruit juices.

Physical Activity: Light exercise, such as walking, can help lower blood sugar levels by promoting glucose uptake by muscles. However, avoid intense workouts in an emergency situation.

Consume Fiber: Foods rich in soluble fiber can slow down the absorption of sugar and help stabilize blood sugar levels. Foods like vegetables, legumes, and whole grains can be beneficial.

Cinnamon: Some studies suggest that cinnamon may help improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels. Consider adding a sprinkle of cinnamon to your food or drink.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Some research indicates that apple cider vinegar may aid in lowering blood sugar levels. Dilute a small amount in water and drink it before meals.

Monitor Carbohydrate Intake: Reduce or avoid consuming high-carb foods, especially refined sugars and simple carbohydrates like white bread, pasta, and sweets.
Seek Medical Help: If blood sugar levels remain high or if you experience any alarming symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.



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